Active Tours: Russian countryside and adventure tours

Active Tours are a part of the expanding individual and group tourist services run by Ost-West Kontaktservice in St. Petersburg, Russia and Active Travel in Moscow.

As opposed to the more urban character of Ost-West guided tours, which take place mainly in Russian cities, Active Tours offer several excellent tours in the Russian countryside. This includes rafting, skiing, reindeer sledge-rides, hiking, snow boarding, horse riding, dog-sled rides, picnics, parties and other adventure tours such as exploring volcanoes, hot springs, caves, tundra, north pole etc.

Indeed there were times when such tours in Russia were only available to those who did not mind sleeping rough or having a bumpy train ride in a cold train-car. The good news are that the situation has changed and the balance of comfort/discomfort shifted significantly toward the comfort zone. In other words: adventure tours are now available to anybody who wishes to engage in the activities mentioned above and it does not involve as much hardship as it used to. Some areas like Elbrus and around Sochi are completely developed into great examples of the adventure tours' market. By the way, any advertised tour may be booked or individual tours may be tailor-made to suit a particular customer.

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Get off at the metro station «Mayakovskaya», cross the street, turn left and go to the number 100. Enter the court-yard through the arch and at the left side of the yard you will find our door. We are on the 1st floor. So follow the stairs until you see the office.

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Get off at metro station “Lyubyanka” (left hand side) and follow ulitsa Myasnitskaya to house number 22, which is not far from the metro station (5 min. walk). You pass restaurant My-My, than a clothes shop and you’ll see a bank with a big red advertisement on the opposite side of the street to our entrance, which is before pharmacy 36.6. Our entrance has a dark green colored door. On the door is written 22/2/5 building 1. We are on the 2nd floor, just follow the stairs until you find a sign OSTWEST, office 216. Push the ring button left had side of the door next to our sign.